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About Me

My Background

David is a hardware engineer with a passion for all things technology. He has worked to bring idea all the way to finished products. Whether that means designing PCBs, coding, writing tutorial and documentation, or even creating the packaging. He has also let small teams to do the same.


David is keen to learn new technologies to try and better his skill set. Wether is be a new microcontroller platform or piece of software, David is eager to try and integrate it into past, present, and future projects.


His jack of all trades ability was put to the test while working for Thimble. There he a hand in all facets of the company. While his main job was to create a new electronics product to bring to live and have ready to ship by the end of the month. He often found himself making marketing content, shooting videos, and going to maker faires. It was this flexibility and adaptability that gave him insight into what people needed to do their work and how to best communicate with his coworkers.


David is currently looking for full time employment and is ready to sink his teeth into his next big challenge.